• Ford Video Digest


Video Digest & Press Release

What did the client need?
Ford needed a way to keep track of increasing video coverage of its vehicles from the UK automotive and lifestyle media. The brand also required press office support at peak times of the year.
What did we propose?
A tailored monthly video digest containing summaries of – and links to – all online video content produced by major automotive publications featuring Ford vehicles. To support the press office, we proposed writing press material on an ad hoc basis.

How does it work?
Our journalists summarised each video, reported on the positive and negative aspects of the vehicle reviewed, and edited the content to fit the tailor-made digest template. For press releases and other material, we produce clear, engaging content to be used by the UK motoring media.
What is the end result?
Ford’s communications department was able to keep track of video coverage of its vehicles. The company is able to release press material at peak times with complete efficiency.

Ford Press Release
Ford Press Release
Ford Video Digest
Ford Press Release