Write investment makes good returns

Is every human problem caused by poor communication? Mostly, yes.

Poor communication always leads to misunderstanding and misunderstanding, particularly in the workplace, leads to chaos and occasionally conflict. It can also annoy customers and prospects, sometimes to the extent that they go elsewhere. And no-one wants that.

Here at Immediate Network we believe that everything starts with the words, just as every Oscar-winning movie starts with the script. Or before that, an idea, written down to be read before it inspires a well-crafted screenplay.

In every group of people in a division or the whole business, there will be one who intuitively understands the need for clear communication. Sometimes it’s even the boss…

Equally, in every such group, most will be diffident about their writing abilities. Some are  embarrassed that their grasp of grammar and syntax is weak, and that they will look bad in front of their colleagues and seniors.

We believe that good clear writing is a knack, not an innate ability.

It can be taught, and learned, simply. It does not require a great deal of effort though does involve constant practice.

We’re close to launching a learning stream, specifically aimed at working people in the business world. The background vision is that we want to teach people within companies to write clearly for all business purposes.

The series of online teaching modules will demonstrate Best Writing Practice and explain how to write specific pieces that can be used for a variety of purposes.

We shall also offer a follow-up editing service because this is a critical element to ensure success for both students and their employers.

All companies need to have a small core group of employees who can write clear, literate and grammatically correct English to enhance the company’s sales, marketing and internal communication. Our mission is to make this happen.