Use it again and again

Content Marketing Immediate Network style will help grow your brand without breaking the bank

As a small business we know how to make each pound spent on content and communication work hard, and deliver a decent return on investment. We deeply understand that communication is not an end in itself; it’s a means to an end, that end being more sales.

Why use Content Marketing as opposed to, say PR. Or more traditional advertising?

PR only works for news. PR for brand building or other purposes is actually marketing so best get your descriptions right to avoid confusing yourself.

And if you want to define news, that’s simple as well:  News is either something that someone wants to keep out of the news or it’s  something startling that will be of interest to enough of people that it will help sell newspapers, magazines or drive viewers and listeners to your TV or radio station.

Best example ever: Dog bites man; not news. Man bites dog; news.

There is a great deal of rubbish written about content marketing which is, actually, very simple and yet pretty hard to do well.

Content Marketing in action is this: create and then re-purpose your content across all available communication channels.

Start with a strategy, ie define exactly what you want to achieve. Next, work out what will help you to achieve your aim and what will hinder you. Then draw up a tactical plan (ie what you will actually do and how you will do it), get your resources ready and get started.

Just one other thing: as Five Star General Eisenhower said just before D-Day: ‘No plan survives the first shot from the enemy’. In other words, be flexible and adaptable.

And remember, for content marketing to work, you’ll need good content, created to the highest possible standards.