For content that delivers results, do this…

Make it as good as you possibly can

Don’t say ‘That will do’ about a piece of content because almost certainly it will not do.

Your communication and marketing content has to attract, and then convert, your target audience to take action. For this to happen every piece of content created by, or for, you needs to focus exclusively on client needs. You have to be able to say ‘This is the best we can do’ about every single piece of content you publish.


All content starts with a script; make yours great

That script must be well-written, which means no typos or grammatical errors. Unless it is easy-to-read, factually correct and contextually accurate, it will fail to some degree. As an example, let’s say you’re in the health advice and well-being sector, is it better to be the NHS or the Daily Mail? Quite so…


Tricks are no treat

Never add keywords just for fake SEO results. You will annoy those people who find you while looking for something or someone completely different. The search wizards of Google and Bing are weary with fake SEO and punish its users. They stress again and again that appropriate, fresh and relevant content will work best. Leave tricks to scammers who measure success by clicks rather than sales engagement.


Reflect your values accurately

All of the above is neatly summed up by one word: quality.

Ask yourself this: does the content on your website, and in your marketing collateral, properly reflect your quality standards? If not, please give us a call for an informal chat.