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What did the client need?
The Forensic Science Service needed a way to keep staff, customers and other stakeholders informed of latest developments and to encourage greater staff engagement.
What did we propose?
To build a new website with a bespoke content management system, a monthly staff magazine and a forensic sector digest.

How did it work?
We worked with a specialist web developer using our content and design plan to create a website containing accessible and engaging news. The monthly Clued-Up magazine featured key news from the company and tips to share best practice. A forensic sector digest was also produced each month, providing a handy resource for staff, detailing the latest industry developments.
What was the end result?
The Forensic Science Service’s staff and clients were able to easily access positive reception to the FSS’s work, and stay on top of the latest trends in forensic science.

Forensic Science Service Magazine
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Forensic Science Service Magazine