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What did the client need?
Kia needed a product to efficiently summarise press releases for UK journalists, and an event guide for journalists to use on product trips to its headquarters at Seoul in South Korea.
What did we propose?
A monthly media-briefing newsletter to highlight the latest brand news. We also proposed an event brochure for travelling journalists to serve as a handy travel guide, with both a full itinerary and local knowledge information.

How did it work?
Each month, we worked closely with the Kia press team to source relevant news, conducted interviews with senior management, and compiled this content into an easy-to-read format for the UK motoring press. For the brochure, we provided various cultural insights to help journalists on their trips to Seoul.
What was the end result?
Kia was able to provide journalists with two information-rich resources, which helped the PR team maintain positive relationships with the UK automotive media.

Kia Brochure
Kia Brochure
Kia Newsletter